Connect Sony Smart TV To WiFi Network 2019

In this feature, we will walk you through how to connect sony bravia tv to wifi network. If you recently purchased a new Sony Bravia TV and want to connect your new TV to a wireless network.

Luckily nowadays most TV brands rely on the internet and use it to access online services such as YouTube, Netflix, Amazon Prime video, games, news, weather and you can also access your social media accounts.

Meanwhile, to enjoy all the benefits that a Smart TV offers, it needs to be connected to a home network and the Internet. One option is to connect it using WiFi.

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Sony smart TVs can be connected to your local WiFi network so you can browse the web, play app games, and stream your favorite movies and shows using services like Netflix and Hulu on your TV.

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What you will learn in this guide:

BRAVIA stands for » Bis Rresolution Asound Visual Iintegrated Aarchitecture” and BRAVIA is a trademark of Sony products.

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First, Sony used “WEGA-LCD” for their LCD TVs until 2005, then replaced by Bravia. However, in 2015, Sony launched its first Bravia Android TV model, allowing users to install apps and games and easily access YouTube, Netflix and Hulu.

Meanwhile, in 2017, Sony introduced its OLED TV, its OLED TVs also have Android TV.

How to connect a Sony TV to the Wi-Fi network

Make sure you have both an active broadband internet connection in your home and a wired or wireless router. And also make sure your network is working.

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To note: Appearance and navigation may vary slightly depending on the brand and model number of the smart TV, but the steps are the same.

Step 1. Turn on your TV and press the button “RESIDENCE” button on your remote control.

2nd step. Select “Settings”.

 How to connect TV to Wi-Fi : Connect Sony Smart TV to Wi-Fi network 2019

Step 3. Select “Network Setup”.

 How to connect TV to Wi-Fi : Connect Sony Smart TV to Wi-Fi network 2019

Step 4. Select “Configure network connection”.

 How to connect TV to Wi-Fi : Connect Sony Smart TV to Wi-Fi network 2019

Step 5. Here you will have two options. Easy and Expertselect “Easy”.

 How to connect TV to Wi-Fi : Connect Sony Smart TV to Wi-Fi network 2019

Step 6. Select your Wi-Fi network in the list and press the center button on your remote control.

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Step 7. Enter your Wi-Fi password and select Walk in.

iMarkup 20190906 190101 min

Step 8. After entering your WiFi password, you will see a message, “Your TV is correctly connected to the Internet”. Select OKAY to complete the setup.

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Once you have set up Internet access on your TV, you should be able to access Web Services directly. On most televisions, a menu allows you to choose and configure the services as you wish.
Then connecting your TV to the internet will also give it access to your computer, allowing you to share media files via DLNA and similar apps.

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So this feature was about how to connect Sony TV to Wifi network. Connect your Smart TV to the Internet and use it as streaming videos with YouTube, Netflix, Hulu, Amazon. play games, follow news around the world and browse anything you want.

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